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Article: What Puppies and Babies Do For Me

What Puppies and Babies Do For Me

What Puppies and Babies Do For Me

Does the idea of writing out a gratitude list every day evoke the same feeling as remembering to take your vitamins? You know you should, but it feels like work.

I have never been able to connect to this practice and it’s only recently that I understood why.

There was a missing ingredient, namely the heart.

There is no meaning in the act itself if our heart's not in it. 

If you don’t know what I mean, visualize something that immediately warms your heart. For me, it’s remembering my babies when they were little or when I look into my dog’s soft brown eyes. 

And then from that place I generate a feeling of gratitude and use it as the spark to ignite the flame and I keep adding fuel to the fire, until my heart becomes a big bonfire of gratitude.

It is not about listing the things we are grateful for, it is about becoming gratitude. When I am in resonance with this feeling, there is no room for fear, worry, anxiety or doubt, even just for that brief moment. And this is all we need to change our vibration.

We are magnets that draw to us what we are resonating. If we’re feeling fear and judgement all the time, it’s very difficult to get out from that place because we’re stuck in an endless loop of the same thoughts. We can jumpstart ourselves out by changing our focus to a higher emotion.

This doesn't need to be a long and laborious task. In actual fact, I created a 4 minute meditation to show you how simple it is to shift into this state. 

I hope through this meditation that you can connect with the joy that you already are. 

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