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Article: 5 Tips to Prep Your Lunch for the Week Ahead

5 Tips to Prep Your Lunch for the Week Ahead

5 Tips to Prep Your Lunch for the Week Ahead

Save the Date.

Figuring out what to have for lunch only feels like a rush when it's not part of your routine. Set aside some time on Sundays and lean in to the meal planning process. A quick grocery shop followed by an hour or two of cutting, cooking, and clever storage is an easy way to end the weekend – and will make all the difference on weekday mornings. 

Style Over Sustenance.

Reward all your hard work in the kitchen with gear that complements your lifestyle. Forgo single-use plastic bags and ugly old grocery totes, and invest in quality pieces, like our SoYoung Lunch Poche. Constructed from washable paper or machine washable linen and available in a range of modern prints, there's a Poche to match your mood, your wardrobe – or even your menu.

Make It Social.

How did we know what to eat before social media? The moment you're inspired by someone's tasty recipe post or lunchtime Instagram, bookmark it! And keep the social momentum going: share photos of what you're cooking and how you're carrying it to work. The comments and likes from friends will keep you motivated and accountable to your own meal prep.

Versatility is Key.

Meal prep isn't about eating the same thing all week. Figure out basic ingredients that can do double or triple duty and focus on cooking those every Sunday. Maybe it's roasted sweet potato that can top a salad, be rolled up in a wrap or added to a rice bowl. Or take a few minutes to boil a dozen eggs as a batch—they keep well in the fridge, giving you something that's always ready to be sliced up as part of a protein platter or scooped into a sandwich.

Say No to the #SadDeskLunch.

Just because you're not leaving the office to buy a lunch doesn't mean you should eat where you work. Elevate the entire lunchtime experience: the sleek design of the SoYoung Lunch Poche makes it easy to carry everything you need for an easy, yet elegant, away-from-desk dining experience.



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