Staying SoYoung: Trisha Enriquez of No Tummy Mommy

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What’s your workout routine?

My workout routine has changed so much since becoming a mother. I went from long workouts in the gym to literally just making it work in my family room in about 15-20 minutes … with my mini included most of the time! During summer months a lot of our activity is done outdoors and that’s when it’s so important to come prepared with lots of water and healthy snacks to have following our sweet sessions outside. SoYoung cooler bags makes that part so easy! I also believe that looking and feeling your best comes down to one’s mentality. Our minds are so powerful and I find that what you believe, you become. I teach her that working out is for our health and feeling good on the inside! “The mind is everything”.

How do you ensure you’re making healthy choices throughout the day? 

I am a big believer in having snacks with you throughout the day. I am on the road a lot for work, so my SoYoung cooler bag comes in handy! A lot of people ask what you might find in there. Here’s an example:
  • Snacks: Greek yogurt, all kinds of fruit, almonds or mixed nuts
  • A Balanced Lunch: Brown rice with chicken and greens or homemade turkey chili
  • Other: Water (lots of it), Protein powder, and coconut water

Having healthy options on the go keeps me from grabbing a croissant or donut with my coffee. My whole family owns a SoYoung cooler bag and now my daughter is old enough to help pack her own healthy snacks before we head out the door for a walk on Queen St. or on our way to a mommy-and-baby workout! 

"Having healthy options on the go keeps me from grabbing a croissant or donut with my coffee."

How do you ensure you’re getting a mental break? 

As a mother, it can be hard to give yourself that mental break. I find that I am always on the go, but I do make it a point to set aside daily time to meditate or write in my journal. I also keep a separate journal where once a month I write my daughter a letter expressing my love and share experiences that I want her to remember when she gets older. With respect to meditation, I started with 5 minutes a day first thing in the morning and now find that practicing mindfulness is getting easier each week and I can do it for longer. I totally recommend every mother set aside some quiet time to help still the mind and centre oneself before tackling the day! Sometimes I allow myself that alone time when having my morning coffee. Of course, my daughter insists on tagging along! We recently teamed up with the WE Movement as a Families Ambassador. I am excited to be involved in some really cool initiatives that can help create more caring and compassionate children. I’m learning ways to start this movement right in my very own home. I can’t wait to share more about how we will be involved with such an incredible movement. My goal is to motivate my daughter to want to make a positive impact in this world through helping others.

How do you structure your time with your family?

I am lucky to have built some healthy routines with my daughter since she was very young. She has always been my workout partner and sidekick, which makes living a healthy lifestyle easier. She sees how important being active is because we have been doing this together for years. She is also very involved in the kitchen with cooking and packing our SoYoung cooler bags with food for the following day. Most importantly, spiritually we pray together every night and practice gratitude statements before we sleep. What do you do to maintain a supportive relationship with your spouse/partner? We are lucky enough to have a lot of family and support close by, so we do have a date night each week where it is just the two of us (or we meet up with friends)! My favourite thing to do is to try a new restaurant in the city and find at least one healthy item on the menu to enjoy … of course it’s paired with a well-deserved glass of vino!

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