Staying SoYoung: Destiney Green of Mom Crush Monday

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What’s your workout routine? 

I love to mix up my routine, actually! I love trying out new places in my community, everything from kick-boxing to yoga. The best workout routine for me is one that keeps me moving constantly and doesn’t get boring. I like to lose myself in it.


How do you ensure you’re making healthy choices throughout the day? 

The SoYoung cooler bag is perfect for my eating habits because I don’t like being forced to eat out even though I’m always on the go! I do a juice cleanse every few weeks and I need those babies to stay fresh while I’m running around! And when I’m not cleansing, I still try to carry healthy snacks for me and H so that we aren’t tempted by goodies we see while we are out.

How do you ensure you’re getting a mental break? 

Having mental breaks is something I really advocate for on my personal blog. I think mothers especially tend to take on way too much, and it’s usually for everyone else besides themselves. While I love and respect that, I know all too well that if you don’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of others. That being said, I always take small moments to ensure I’m getting some me time. I love to read and listen to motivational podcasts. It inspires me and drives me to here about other’s successes in life. I also love to get out in nature, and Utah is so perfect for that. It’s always a good time for an adventure here.


"I know all too well that if you don’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of others."

How do you structure your time with your family? 

Family time has changed so much since I’ve become a single mama. I don’t often refer to myself that way - I always say I’m a co-parent because H’s dad will always be a part of the family. Despite our circumstances changing, we still plan “family” days together so that H can have us both at the same time. We feel like we can best support her by supporting each other as well. We try to do something all together at least once a week.

What do you do to maintain a supportive relationship with your partner?

While Honor’s dad and I are no longer together, we both still support each other completely. When we had Honor, we signed on for being partners for life. Just because the definition of that partnership has changed, doesn’t mean it’s dissolved. Us being friends is so beneficial for all of us, and when we both meet the people we are meant to be with, there will be a great foundation to support the added weight and love new people bring into the mix.


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