What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while

Do you start your day with reactivity - or creativity?⠀

I can hardly remember the days that I woke up and immediately checked my emails. (No judgement if you do this). But I had too many days where I hit the ground running, stressed out from the moment I woke up - and my grand plans for how the day was going to go went straight out the window. I was not a happy camper. (My husband can vouch for me here) ⠀

A few years ago I made a very powerful decision to focus on my internal state above all else. I do believe stress is the root cause of all illness and I wasn’t foolish enough to believe I was exempt from making myself sick. ⠀

So I started to follow wherever my interest led me in this area - I had always dabbled in meditation but I began to pursue it more seriously. I started with Headspace (the meditation app) and moved on from there. ⠀

I can’t really recall the exact process that led me to where I am today- but I do know that they were all small changes, applied consistently. Way better to meditate for 5 minutes every day than an hour once a week. ⠀
Today, my mornings are filled with practices that are all about self care. I determine how the day is going to go by fixing my mindset through my daily practices BEFORE I allow myself to look at my emails. And I am very conscious about when I flick the switch. ⠀
It’s so much more empowering to choose how I will shape my day than feeling like I am a victim of my circumstances. ⠀
My biggest problem these days is trying to pare down my morning rituals because there are so many good ones - it is starting to become a little ridiculous. ⠀

What about you, what do your mornings look like?⠀

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