February Self-Care

As we move into a new month I wanted to check-in, see how everyone is doing and share a few things that have been helping me stay energized as we navigate this second round of lockdowns here in Ontario. ✨⁠

Do you believe that we are at our most fundamental level, composed of energy? As I delve deeper and deeper into healing work, this is the common thread that unites each of the concepts and methods I practice.⁠


Lately, I've been learning a lot about the chakra systems. At their simplest, we can think of these systems as energy centres, and with practice we can harness these centres as a means of optimizing our health.⁠




To get started, a super easy and enjoyable practice that I've started is Chakra Yoga - I love @thejourneyjunkie's short seven-day YouTube series!⁠


I've also been reading the book, Charge and the Energy Body by @sacredcenters which offers a ton of amazing information on how we can use the power of life force to live up to our highest potential.⁠




And last but not least, meditation has always been a key part of my everyday routine. Lately, I've been loving Suzanne Giesemann's 10-Minute Transformation meditation as a way to keep myself aligned and centred throughout the day.⁠

How have you been keeping well lately? Come chat with me in the comments!

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