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Article: PART 2: Pack Your Power

PART 2: Pack Your Power

PART 2: Pack Your Power

 What happened after that pivotal moment when I shared my story in 2018 was that I opened a door to something bigger than my original inspiration of creating a successful branded product line.

It was the beginning of my stepping into a greater purpose of being a voice for healing and transformation.  

I have not stepped into  this confidently -  it has taken great courage and belief in myself to proceed, and I have shied away from it at almost every opportunity.

But after years of doing the healing work, which includes daily meditation and embodiment practices, I can no longer ignore what I know in my body, mind, and spirit to be true. 

And that is that I have been called, like many others, to share my truth to both inspire and be inspired, to uplift as much as to be uplifted myself.

Last year, a new tagline for SoYoung popped into my head. The words “Pack Your Power” came to me during a meditation (true). As I contemplated this phrase, the perfection of it became clear.

Pack your Power is about intentionally preparing the small steps towards a greater goal.


In a literal sense, it’s about thinking ahead to what we need to be prepared for the day, in order to fulfill on the next small step towards a bigger vision, like wanting to uplevel our eating habits, or career aspirations. Our products are designed with this very idea in mind, with the small details that help preparation feel simpler and more enjoyable.

In a figurative sense, it is about intentionality, holding onto a higher vision we create for ourselves, and then breaking it down into small, consistent steps. 

When we do this, transformation happens.

SoYoung is proof of this. I am proof of this. 

Why do I share this with you? 

Because if you sub out the details and insert your own personal challenges, my story becomes your story.


On those days when we’re deep in the forest, feeling lost and alone, we need to draw on the strength of those around us and who came before us, and know that we are thoroughly accompanied on our journeys.

Together let’s celebrate our accomplishments as the powerful women we are becoming and know that we take turns being the light for one another. 

I am inspired every day by the women around me. Those I know and those who came before me. I know that each of you is an inspiration to someone in your own life. I encourage you to continue to be that inspiration by your consistent daily actions. I also encourage you to find the women in your life who light you up and give you the inspiration to continue on your own unique and powerful path.

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