SoYoung’s New Insulated Water Bottle Bags

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Sunday afternoon hikes are about being an outdoorsy minimalist. No phone, no wallet, no worries! You are one with nature - except for that awkward water bottle in your hand (you draw the line at drinking from the river...)

But carry that bottle no further! SoYoung has created a hands-free way of bringing your water bottle with you. Our new eco-friendly insulated Water Bottle bag creates a stylish and practical way to stay hydrated on-the-go, without the hassle.

Our linen Water Bottle Bag comes in six different print and colour options. It can also be worn multiple ways to depending on your preference. Wear it messenger style, clip it to clothing or your backpack. Like the rest of our Raw Linen line, the Water Bottle Bags are machine washable available and air-dry. These bags retail for $20 USD and are available for purchase in North America through



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