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Article: Rainy-Day Activities for the Kid Who Loves…

Rainy day activities for kids

Rainy-Day Activities for the Kid Who Loves…

We all know that time outdoors is vital to our children’s health. But sometimes the weather makes it tough to enjoy an afternoon in the sun. If your kids are stuck inside due to rain, snow, or other unpleasant conditions, take heart knowing there are plenty of activities online to satisfy even the most curious minds. Keep reading for rainy-day activities for the kids who loves…

To Dance

If you have a dancer in the family, you know that any room can a studio. Help your budding ballerina or tap-dancing toddler explore other cultures by finding dance lessons online.

To Explore the World

Speaking of exploring, kids who are interested in landmarks and historical sites can spend hours traveling the world from the comfort of the couch. Google Earth is a fun online platform where kids can choose their own adventure and discover the sights and sounds of the big wide world. Consider planning a global scavenger to encourage your child to visit countries and attractions they would’ve never considered.


Little Einsteins and Curries can find an almost unlimited array of scientific activities on the internet. For your junior scientist, Earth Science Jr. recommends building with Duplo blocks, which is a great way to enhance problem-solving skills and creativity, both traits shared by the world’s brightest minds. With a little digging, you can also find science projects for the older crowd that go beyond the boring baking soda volcano.


Your future veterinarian will enjoy lessons and games based around man’s best friend. Rover has taken the hassle out of finding pup-themed activities and compiled this list of resources for students from kindergarten to high school.


Children with an interest in wildlife have access to free live webcams across the world.’s offerings range from Bald Eagles to bees. They even offer underwater cameras and a full library of documentary films on topics ranging from culture and human rights to animals and nature. The Falcon Cam in Omaha will even let your child get up close and personal with these high-flying predators without risking a talon to the face.


Santana won’t be able to hold a candle to your resident musician once they discover at-home music lessons. An online search will reveal plenty of free results, but more advanced players or those who are truly dedicated to their instrument may be best served by private one-on-one lessons from the instructor of their choice.

Working Out

Even children who don’t like regimented exercise can have fun working out in the living room. YouTube is an excellent resource for fitness videos for children of all ages. Mom and dad, you can join, too, which will help instill a healthy attitude toward exercise in your children. This is especially important in this day and age when kids can spend up to eight hours each day in front of the television or scrolling through social media.

Creating Art

Picasso was born to an accomplished artist and had the advantages of his father providing a formal art education by the time he was 7. If your child doesn’t have an artist in the family, there are still plenty of ways they can get started. Tools to foster your child’s creativity range from apps to ebooks and even art-based games. So hand him a box of crayons, a sketchbook, and a charged tablet and see what happens.

Don’t let the rainy day blues break your child’s spirit. There are plenty of ways they can stay active and engaged no matter what Mother Nature has planned.

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