Our Current Fave 3-Ingredient Snacks

With the last month of school underway (and the last weeks pre-everybody’s-on-vacation at the office), we’re feeling 3-ingredient-quick as our top current snack vibe.

Raw energy bars:

Three ingredients in a food processor, made in minutes, and nutritiously raw.

Get the recipe from our fave, The Kitchn.


Mini caprese skewers:

Skewers are a fan fave among adults and kids alike – and if you swap out the classic bocconcini for some buttery burrata, it’s delightfully rich without being too indulgent. (Throw on the olive and balsamic if you must, but simple tomato, basil, and cheese are perfection even without.)

Get the recipe from our friends at Williams Sonoma. 

Avocado chocolate frosty:

Okay, stick with us on this one. Chocolate milk. Avocado. Bananas. Pop it into a mason jar with an ice pack <<link to ice packs>> and get ready for a healthy kid-style snack session.

Get the recipe at Well Floured.  


Have you made any 3-ingredient hits lately?

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