Four innovative products inspired by parenthood

We love products that make parenting easier. After all, who better to offer a solution to a parental dilemma than someone who has experienced the joys and challenges of child raising? These four couples have successfully transformed their frustrations into innovations by offering brilliant solutions to common parenting problems.

WiFi Baby Monitors by Stephanie and Devin Fox

 Imagine being in Las Vegas and watching your kids on your smartphone as they sleep in their cot in Florida. The simple peace of mind of always feeling connected to your little one is one of the reasons why Stephanie Fox, invented the WiFi baby monitor. After the birth of their first child, Fox found it difficult to find a baby monitor that worked properly in their townhouse because most of the analog and digital models didn’t have adequate range, picture or sound quality. “With older technology we also had security concerns, we didn’t want someone else to be able to hear or see our baby,” says Stephanie. “Back in 2010 smartphone use was starting to grow and my ‘techy’ husband was hoping for a way to watch the baby on our iPhone. After several months of hard work, we were able to bring WiFi Baby to market. We were one of the first companies with this type of technology.” WiFi Baby monitors offer a reliable connection with visuals that can be accessed from anywhere on an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Android tablet and any desktop or laptop computer running Windows or Mac. The innovative no cloud technology allows you to connect at home via apps using only your home network and while away via apps using a secure and unique URL. Learn more at

 Our mission has always been to give other parents peace of mind through our innovative technology.  Today we are on our 4th generation monitor.
• Includes a built-in nanny cam • Night Vision Precision that offers the longest range of any monitor, up to 30 feet in complete darkness • Streams to Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku and other media players. • Free monitoring app for IOS and Android phone devices including Apple Watch audio alerts, • Exceptional video and audio clarity • Impeccable night vision that’s comprised of 30 LED lights (with a 20-foot range) • A MicroSD card slot with a built-in DVR for scheduled recordings • Multi-camera compatibility • Password-protected streaming • Free U.S.-based service and support
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Chewbeads by Lisa and Eric Greenwald

Like many young babies, when Lisa and Eric Greenwald's children reached a teething age, there was nothing they couldn't keep out of their hands and mouth. After the birth of her first child, Lisa realized that her son had a strong affinity for munching on her jewellery. Worried, that he may be ingesting unwanted chemicals, she used her experience as a "veteran of the fashion industry" to create soft, non-toxic jewellery that both mom and baby can enjoy. Chew beads are inspired by some of her favourite pieces from stores such as J. Crew and they also work as a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing. We love the bold colours and chunky beads of these chic necklaces and seriously want to collect them all! Learn more at

I had my "a-ha" moment when I had my son Benjamin and he too was obsessed with my necklaces.  I thought, I need to create a cool and fashionable jewelry line that is also safe for babies to touch, tug, and chew.

• 100% Silicone Products • No BPA, phthalates, lead, cadmium or metal • Dishwasher safe • Soft on baby's gums and emerging teeth • Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe • Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety


 Puj baby tub by Ben and Katie Richardson

The Puj tub, (Pronounced, “Pudge”) is one of my favorite things on my baby registry. After months of enduring pregnancy backaches, I dreaded the thought of having to lean over a bathtub to bathe my baby. With the innovative design of the Puj baby bath tub, you can bathe your infant safely in the bathroom sink without straining your back. The Puj tub was created by husband and wife design team, Ben and Katie Richardson who have four kids of their own and aimed to develop a product that "simplifies parenthood through great product design." The soft medical grade foam material folds and conforms to almost any sink and the tub's recessed magnets maintain its shape during bath time. Learn more at
The shape of the tub is designed to help the baby relax and feel safe, just like when they’re in their parent's arms.
• Ideal for babies 0-6 months
• Mold and mildew resistant
• Works with standard-size pedestal and countertop bathroom sinks
• Hangs flat conveniently for storage either in the bathtub or behind the bathroom door
• Wipes clean with soap and water
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Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad by Ann Crady and David Weiss

The unique design of the Hatch Baby Changing Pad makes it easy to accurately track your baby's growth, feedings, diapers and sleep on your smartphone through the Hatch Baby app. It was developed by parents Ann Crady Weiss and her husband David Weiss. As a new parent Ann, worried about how much milk their baby was  getting during feedings. After multiple exhausting trips to the doctor, she decided to apply her years of experience in the baby product industry, coupled with David's expertise as a software developer to create a solution. The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad gives parents reassurance, especially during the early months when questions about weight gain, diaper changes and sleep patterns are most common. It even includes a feature that allows you to compare your baby's growth percentile to worldwide (WHO) data and other Hatch babies like yours. Learn more at

All the late nights of startup life are worth it when we hear from people like Jane, the mom of an extremely premature baby boy who is relieved to see that her son is continuing to put on the weight he needs and Elaine told us that she nearly gave up on breastfeeding but stuck with it because the Smart Changing Pad gave her the confidence in her ability to produce enough milk. 
• Includes built-in scale and a touchscreen
• Tracks baby's weight gain and how much your baby is drinking at every feeding.
• Easily record diaper changes to share with your pediatrician. Know your baby is drinking enough by tracking every change.
• Easily chart your baby's growth over time. Watch how he grows and changes week-to-week.
• Track sleeping time and discover your baby's sleep patterns to help her get the best rest.
• Share your baby's account across multiple devices. Use your Hatch app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
• Materials: machine-washable polyester microfiber (pad), and ABS plastic (enclosure); BPA-free and Phthalates-free
Watch how it works:

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