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MARCH 16 2023

6 ways to kick-start spring

Enjoy nature in your city!

Find a local park that has cherry blossoms and plan a picnic on a weekday afternoon. Pack some sandwiches, fruit and a warm drink in your Lunch Poche and enjoy at the park with a friend.

Spring clean!

Choose 1 closet in your home and Marie-Kondo it. Take everything out, give it a good wipe down and keep only the things that speak to the heart while discarding anything that doesn’t spark joy.

Hike a new trail!

Every city has some hidden gems so pick that trail that you’ve always wanted to try and make it happen. Our All-Day Backpack is really roomy so pack it up and hit the road.

Try something new! 

Spring is about new beginnings so why not spend an evening trying something new like a flower arranging or painting class!

Plant a small indoor garden!

You can never have enough fresh herbs so why not make your own herb garden? We love the tips in this article.

Visit a local farmers market! 

Choose at least one weekend in the month and visit the farmer’s market. The produce is super fresh and you can support local farmers too! Grab your Lunch Poche and fill it up with fresh veggies for dinner.

Mar 08, 2023 Stephanie Wong