Lunch packing as a sustainable act of love

Most people are familiar with the environmental benefits of packing a litterless lunch, but what about lunch packing as a sustainable practice for our soul?

One of my biggest joys in my life is food. Not just eating it, but being inspired by recipes, preparing it, and serving it.

I sometimes wonder if I starved to death in a previous life because of how often I think about food.

There is no greater form of torture for me than the idea of being stuck somewhere with nothing to eat and no way of addressing my hunger. Like in a long meeting, for example, or on a 3 hour boat ride (true story).

I once carried an emergency chocolate bar in my purse for over a year, and although I never ended up eating it, I recall lovingly stroking it deep in the recesses of my purse at times, feeling safe that I had it. (The emergency never came).

As my children grow older and more independent, meal prep has shifted to me being less of a short order cook for picky eaters, and more focused on an enjoyable practice, where I can be inspired by a delicious recipe and act on it.

To do this, I intentionally let go of the hundred other things that need my attention, and commit fully to the pleasure of meal prep, including lunch packing and preparation for the week ahead.

It takes time and energy, but what I’ve learned is that when I immerse myself fully in this act of creation, the reward is a sense of fulfillment and a nourishment to my soul.

Recently I started packing lunch not just for myself, but for a colleague on my team, who simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to pack lunches.

It is a win-win situation. I derive so much happiness from being able to share the deliciousness I’ve created and care for someone in a small way that the return far outweighs the effort.

Here is one of my “go to” meal salads that was inspired by one of my favorite vegan restaurants based right here in Toronto, Canada, Fresh.

I pack multiple individual salads at once and feel like a rock star when lunchtime rolls around and I get to eat exactly what I’m craving.

What You’ll Need:
Organic baby salad mix (or your favorite lettuce)
Sliced grape tomatoes
Sliced black olives
Crumbled feta
Quinoa (¼ cup)
Dollop of hummus
Store-bought vegan chicken tenders (like this one) and/ or buffalo cauliflower and/or panko crusted oyster mushrooms
vinaigrette of your choice ( I like this one and it’s easy to make)

What are your favorite go-to lunch recipes? I would LOVE to hear from you!

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