Preparing a Happy Camper

With School almost out for Summer and camp just around the corner, we’re looking at ways you can help get your kids get camp ready. So if you’re about to send your little ones off to camp, stay calm and read on. There are plenty of ways you can prepare your kids for the best Summer of their lives.

Is it Time?

Most parents choose to test the camp waters between the ages of 7 and 9 and you can prepare your little ones by doing some trial runs with sleepovers with family and friends. Parents are always protective with the first born and then a classic pattern ensues where they let younger siblings jump on the bandwagon earlier!

Keep Them Involved

You can help prepare your child for camp by involving them at every stage of the process. Introduce your child to camp by looking at brochures, websites and videos together to give them a taste of what it’s going to be like. Get them involved in the packing too so they’re familiar with what’s in their bag. If your child is afraid of the dark or has specific dietary requirements make sure you tell the Camp Director as this will help them get to know your child better and will ease your child of any worries they may have.

Easing Pre-Camp Woes

Although it’s natural for parents (and children) to worry, camp is a great way to allow your child to blaze their own trail and show them how much they can cope independently. Have faith in the camp staff and know that they will be able to manage any issues should they arise. Let your child know what they can expect from you during their time away from home. How often will you write, will you call? Tell your child that they can talk to an adult at camp if they’re having a problem and that you are simply a phone call away if they need you. A special way to fill their lonely moments is to prepare a lunch bag with special non perishable snacks and surprises from you, tucking a sweet note in the bag’s pocket to remind them of how much you love them – they can enjoy a special surprise, remembering that they’re never really alone.

    Here’s to a great camp week – and a well-deserved break for all campers’ parents!


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