Our Team

Catherine Choi - Founder, President

Meditation is my rock, unabashed believer in magic. I dream of the world where everything is organized and desserts are healthy.



Jeremy Robinson - Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

Cloud Software Connoisseur, Above Average Squash Player,  Enjoys debating with children under the age of 10, Recovering music snob (currently tolerating moderate doses of Ed Sheerhan)



Sarah Hill - Operations Manager

Coffee Addict, Sufferer of Wanderlust, Creative Soul, Follows multiple French Bulldogs on Instagram and Spends her spare time behind the lens of a Camera



Megan McDougall - Community Manager

Dog Mom, DIY-er, Optimistic Dreamer, Who spends her spare time laughing




Laura Rizkalla - Sales Manager





Travel enthusiast, brunch fanatic and believer that shoe love is true love.









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We ship anywhere in continental North America, however if your shipping address is in Canada you’ll have to place your order in the Canadian Store.