How to Organize Your Fridge from Top to Bottom

If you’re like most people, your fridge probably needs a deep clean and help from the organizational gods. When you’re hangry, the last thing you want to do is go hunting for ingredients and scan through each item for its use by date. Try our easy fridge organization tips to make each journey to the fridge a pleasant one. 

Before you go into full-on Marie Kondo mode, you’ll want to make sure your fridge is clean and safe to house your food. Disinfect every surface in your fridge to lessen any chance of foodborne illnesses and contamination. It’s recommended that you give the fridge a deep clean 4 times a year to keep it sanitized. Read on on for more useful tips on how to organize your fridge. 

Before you organize your fridge...

One: Empty it out

Take everything out so you can easily wipe away dirt, stains and spills. If you’re worried about your perishables going bad, put some ice in a cooler to temporarily store these items. 

Two: Wipe down all surfaces

Use a disinfecting wipe or a paper towel with disinfecting spray and clean all surfaces. Don’t forget to wipe down the inside door compartments and every shelf level. Leave the drawers to soak in hot, soapy water before wiping them down and placing them back inside. 

Three: Reassemble the fridge

Place all of the shelves and drawers back inside and get ready to start organizing your food. 

How to Organize your Fridge: Top to Bottom

Now that your fridge is spotless, get ready to mentally compartmentalizing your fridge. Different foods need to be stored differently to preserve them for longer and prevent contamination. 

Upper Shelves

Your upper shelves are for foods that don’t need cooking, these are ready to eat foods. Think prepared salads, deli meats, ready meals and leftovers.

Middle Shelves

Your middle shelves are for dairy. This is where you should store your milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese and spreads. Lots of people store their milk and eggs in the side door but this is actually the warmest part of the fridge so it’s recommended to store your milk and eggs somewhere a little cooler. 

Lower Shelves

Your lower shelves are for storing raw meat. This is so the juices do not drip and contaminate other foods in the fridge. Ensure raw meat is not placed directly onto the surface, always use a plate or a container to store raw meat. 

Bottom Drawers

The bottom drawers are for fresh produce. Store your fruit and vegetables here. 

Side Door Shelves

The side door shelves are best used for condiments and food items with preservatives. Store your jam, honey, butter, mayonnaise and dressings here. 

Fridge Hacks

These smart fridge hacks will keep your fridge organized and help you create a routine around packing and unpacking your fridge.

  • Group similar items together
  • Introduce a ‘Use First’ box and add produce that’s coming up to its use by date so that your food doesn’t expire before you’ve had a chance to eat it
  • Use storage dividers to create smart storage solutions that work for you
  • Label sections to reduce the amount of time you spend searching for items
  • Use ringed curtain clips to make the most of your space and hang salad bags
  • Line the bottom of your drawers with paper towels to make cleaning a breeze

How have you organized your fridge? Add your top tips in the comments below

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