4 Considerations when choosing a kids lunch box

The first day of School will be here before we know it and the food you pack for your child will give them the energy they need to learn and play at School. So after thinking up wholesome, nutritious meals and snack ideas for your child , your next challenge is finding a Lunch Box that will suit your needs. With hundreds of lunch boxes to choose from, how should you narrow down your search? We’ve rounded up 4 features to look for in your child’s potential lunch box.

You might be cleaning food containers nightly, giving them a thorough scrub. But you may not realize that lunch boxes can also be places for bacteria and mould to thrive so it’s important to wash these often as well. Soft lunch boxes in Linen or Cotton are great options as they’re machine washable on a gentle, cold cycle and have removable inserts for easy daily cleaning.

BPA Free
BPA stands for bisphenol A, a synthetic compound associated with a whole host of health problems, from cardiovascular disease to poor brain development and an increased risk for certain cancers. BPA is one of the most widely used chemicals in the plastics industry. Foods in direct contact with BPA can be at risk of having small amounts of BPA transferred to the food and consumed.

Look for lunch boxes that are insulated to keep your child’s lunch fresh and cool. Insulated lunch boxes look a lot like small cooler bags and have an outer layer, an inner layer and a layer of insulation material in between. An adjustable strap that provides the ability for the bag to be worn multiple ways is also a great feature.

Lunch boxes with pockets and multiple compartments helps you to prepare a more balanced lunch with food portions in mind. Mesh pockets are great for holding cutlery, utensils, napkins and snacks.

All SoYoung Lunch Boxes and Lunch Poches are washable, insulated, PVC, Phthalate, Lead and BPA Free and come with detachable straps.

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