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Blogger and food artist Selena Kohng's parenting blog presents tons of fantastic ideas to please picky eaters. One of our favorites is this recipe where she uses animal-shaped food cutters to create adorable sandwiches for her kids.

Here’s a familiar scene that I’m sure many of our readers can relate to. You come home from work with a fantastic idea for a healthy lunch. You take your time to pick the right vegetables, pair it with your child’s favorite side dish and even break a few rules by including a sweet treat that is sure to please the senses of your picky little food critic. The next day your little one returns home and to your disappointment, she admits that the vegetables did not make it anywhere near her taste buds—an hour in the kitchen has come down to this! If this sounds like an everyday dilemma in your household, then, freelance writer Selena Kohng’s blog How About Cookie could be your new bestie.

“If necessity is the mother of invention, desperation is the mother of Friday lunchboxes,” says Kohng on the blog.


How About Cookie is a food and parenting blog based in Chicago. On the blog, Kohng combines her experience as a seasoned writer and mother of three to present healthy meal ideas designed to appeal to the pickiest eater. The blog provides endless inspirations and vibrant photos, of melons and persimmon shaped trains, turtle-shaped sandwiches with spinach in the place of shells and even berry-kale smoothies frozen in the shape of snowflakes, perfect to “cool down a pot of oatmeal” or used as an “instant yogurt topper”. Kohng’s recipe’s and flair for food art will take your child’s meals from boring to bento-box perfection!

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