What is a life well lived? ⠀

Do you remember what it felt like as a kid when the only thing that mattered was having fun? I remember things like loving swimming in the lake at our family cottage when it was windy and raining because the water was so warm and delighting in sitting in a leaky rowboat for hours in the sun with a fishing rod waiting for that thrilling wriggle that was a biting fish. ⠀

I never thought about stuff like not wanting to get my hair wet and getting too much sun or all the time I was wasting waiting for a fish to bite.⠀

I guess it's a rite of passage that we outgrow these things - or do we really?⠀

If life makes any sense at all, it does seem like we all get a taste during childhood of what it’s like to be completely uninhibited, to live purely in the moment without attachment or a false sense of identity- only to lose it all and spend our adult life trying to get back to our natural state. We only need to observe kids having fun to remember.⠀

Lately I've been thinking a lot more about how to look for these opportunities for fun in my life - and to relish them as they are happening. ⠀

It seems so obvious but in the end, if we're not enjoying the moments as they're happening, then what's the point?⠀

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