Today I turn 21

OK, so maybe not from the day I was born, but from the day I was reborn. ⠀

21 years ago today, I clawed my way out of a nightmare heroin addiction that bankrupted me in every possible way - but also gave me a second chance at life.⠀

Because of this experience, it’s hard for me to see things as good and bad in life. I would certainly not wish this experience on anyone, but life unfolds regardless of our best intentions to make it go a certain way, and the most we can do is take the lessons that come with it.⠀

For me, the lessons have been great. My addiction woke me up to see that my choices make me either powerful or powerless. I’m making a choice even when I don’t think I am. Do I choose to take action despite the way I feel, which could be scared, tired, angry etc.? Or do I give in to these feelings? I’m not saying I always make the powerful choice, but I am awake to the fact that I am making this choice.⠀

Today the lens through which I see my entire life is spiritual - whether it be personal or business. Every situation offers an opportunity to be authentic to my higher self - to find strength when needed, or to access kindness when I don’t feel kind. ⠀

I often get caught up in this fear that I will not achieve the things that I want in life, or that I will lose something I have or someone I love- and what helps me with these thoughts is knowing that no matter what happens, I am resilient and that I am never alone. What a gift it is to know this.⠀

Happy birthday to me - and may there be many more.⠀

(If you want to read the long story about my addiction, you can find it here).


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