It's amazing what happens when you share something vulnerable

It's amazing what happens when you share something vulnerable with people - it gives them permission to let their own guards down. And so often, they can relate and the door is opened for them to share something difficult that they went through with you. And suddenly there is a deeper connection that leaves you both feeling more alive, inspired, and hopeful.

Before I decided to share my past story of addiction publicly, I tested the waters first with some of the trusted people in my life who were unaware of my past. One of these groups was at my monthly entrepreneur's mastermind.

After I dropped the bomb at this meeting, one of the women in my group reached out to me to have lunch. I had known that she had been through her own hardship but had little detail. Over lunch she shared her gut-wrenching experience of heartbreak with me that left me floored. But what was also equally apparent was the inner strength in this lovely woman to live life to the fullest, despite everything.

It's so clear that while we all avoid pain as much as possible, it is also a great teacher. My pain has made me more compassionate and sensitive towards others. While I don't think I'll ever welcome pain in my life, looking back on the lessons learnt are so meaningful.

Similar to me, this friend of mine, Kena, channeled her pain into entrepreneurship, first at Brika, but most recently into @wearallyouare - the best robes ever.

She featured me in one of her blog posts, How I Live Well, where I talk about my rituals of wellness - how I juggle my personal and professional selves, relax, unwind and more. Click the link below toread. 📸 @kierandarcy.⠀

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