Did you make New Year's resolutions this year?

Did you make New Year's resolutions this year? I didn't. I don't really believe in them.⠀

Don't get me wrong. I live on a continual path of incremental change towards 360 degree wellness, but what I've found more important than setting goals is setting up systems that set you up to reach them.⠀

For example, most days of the week I get up at 5am to meditate, workout, pack lunches etc. before going to work. Getting up at 5am is not always easy, as you probably know. But what ensures my success? I adopted Mel Robbins 5-4-3-2-1 system that is super simple. When the alarm goes off, count down from 5 to 1 and before your brain has a chance to start yammering away at why you just can't or shouldn't today, you bypass that and physically stand up and move.⠀

Don't feel like working out today? Once again, doesn't matter how you feel. Have your gym clothes laid out the night before and just PUT THEM ON, including your running shoes. Then you're committed.⠀

I admit I do have a big goal in mind with our Lunch Poches - and that is to make a positive impact on the world through healthier eating while reducing landfill and money wasted on fast food.⠀

The vision for me behind our Lunch Poches was to offer a beautiful system to carry lunch. I wanted women to see our lunch bags and say to themselves "I love this bag so much it inspires me to pack my lunch."⠀

And maybe take a small step towards wellness that they otherwise would not have taken. And suddenly Sunday Lunch Prep Power Hour is a regular thing - along with the annual beach getaway with the money saved.⠀

So definitely have goals. But focus on the systems and building incrementally towards those goals and you exponentially increase your likelihood of success.

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